Hello Client!

You have already contracted Lion + Tiger and your exciting event is coming up soon!  We have asked you to fill out this form so that we can have a better understanding of some important details of your special day!  After you complete this form, we will ask you to hop on a call to discuss everything.  The final step is our creation of a Run Of Day sheet, which will outline everything we have discussed with times, songs, names, etc., which we will send to you for your final review.

Please Note:  We are a gay friendly band.  In-fact, Jessica, one of the Co-Founders, has a partner named Susan :)   For the sake of simplicity in the below form, please assume that any indication of "Bride & Groom" also refers to Bride & Bride and Groom & Groom.


Date of Event *
Date of Event
Ceremony Start Time *
Ceremony Start Time
Do you need live music for your ceremony? *
Type of Musician *
Please specify if you have specific songs you would like for : Guest milling-in music, Bridal party processional, Bride processional, Bride and Groom Recessional ( exit ). If you don't have anything specific in mind, thats OK too. We have plenty of ideas. Also please let us know if this is inside or outside.
Cocktail Hour Start Time *
Cocktail Hour Start Time
Do you need live music for Cocktail Hour? *
Please choose the alternate selection from your Ceremony choice
Reception Start Time
Reception Start Time
Please use phoenetic spelling of each name so that we know how to pronounce the names. Please include your relationship to each person. Also, please specify the intro music you have in mind. Some couples use one song for the whole bridal party. Some couples use a different song for each introduction. This portion of the night will be played as ipod music and will not be live music.
Special Dances *
Please check the box next to which special dances, if any, you will be doing
Please include any additional info we will need for Special Dances. Please include which songs you would like to hear for each dance. This portion of the evening will be ipod music unless otherwise specified by client.
Please specify if you will be having speeches / toasts. Who will be saying something? What is their relationship to you? As an FYI, we usually like to do this during dinner while your party is seated. If you have an alternate idea, please specify here.
Anything specific we should know about this? Do you want a special song played on the ipod during this time?
Just a short list of a few "must haves" from our set list
Any traditions you would like included in your Reception? Please explain in detail.
Please let us know anything else you have in mind for your wedding!
Please specify a 3 days/times that work for you, so that we can hop on a call and discuss this form and info with you!